Saturday, November 7, 2015

Value creation in my industry

Value creation in my industry: healthcare

I am not sure if I can point to many examples of true customer-led co creation being done in the healthcare industry at this point.

On the other hand, the hospital I work at may be a useful example of co creation between different service providers - which ultimately allow for relatively customer-specific experiences. The acute care hospital I work at is organized to provide an extensive line of surgical services, operating rooms, trained staff, and related supplies. However, the actual surgical and anesthesia services are performed by independent physicians. Here, each surgeon may bring their own specialized technique and method when performing various surgeries, using different tools, equipment, and process. Different surgeons also focus on different patient segments, such as emergency patients, pediatrics, geriatrics, women, etc. The result of the collaboration ("provider co creation") is that the hospital is able to offer very customer-centric surgical processes - and this can easily adapt as needs and priorities from customers change over time.

In a longer-term perspective, one possible area of true patient-driven co-creation in the healthcare industry may be driven by increased sharing of health related information directly from patients to healthcare practitioners. We have already started to see this at a small scale - where patients can send their vital signs and other health info over mobile phones to their providers.
 This way the providers can better prioritize and adapt the focus of their services each day/hours based on the latest information provided by their patients. There are a few physician groups in New York that are using this type of online enabled service collaboration - and this drives significantly increased value for all participants, including a) faster health service delivery, b) more optimal resource allocation, and c) reduced use of high-cost health delivery methods, such as Emergency Department visits.


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